I am a winner-The winning Saint

Text: Daniel 7:1-28
Theme: Sovereignty of God
Topic: I am a winner-The winning Saint
Rev. Simeon Adera Ng’uono AICPV/4/6/2017
Daniel was known for being a winner in the midst of a suffocating world political system. This
system was hostile to God and any person who is Godly. However, God did not abandon him. God
communicated to Daniel through dreams and visions about his sovereignty over the world political
systems and his redemptive plans for his people Israel. This passage affirmed to Daniel that God
is in charge; nothing happens without his approval; no one comes to power that he did not raise;
that no one is bought down from power without his intervention; that God’s people will eventually
triumph over all the evils of this polluted world system such as oppression, injustice, corruption,
immorality, persecution, poverty, and calamity.

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